Motovun has become a major tourist attraction due to its recognizable medieval shape and great climate. Visitors enjoy walking through the medieval streets, taking in views from the city walls and exploring the countryside through various bike and walking trails. The natural beauty of the place leaves no one indifferent and it is a perfect place for those who love nature and adventures. Photo: Martin Močibob

Walking trails

The Motovun area has many thick forests, lush green meadows and paths which give the visitor the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature and its unique flora and fauna.

 661 Motovun-Zamask

 662 Zamask-Motovun






Bike trails

There are three bike trails in the Motovun area which have been marked:

1. Voćni put (Fruit Trail)

2. Stara ferata (Old railway)

3. Veli Jože

 Bike maps :  OVDJE


In 2012 Motovun got an official take-off site. Therefore, everyone who enjoys adventure is welcome to take off. :-)

Motovun Paragliding