Čarolija na brdu | Advent u Motovunu 2023

Motovun vas poziva da najčarobnije doba godine provedete u prekrasnom blagdanski uređenom ambijentu motovunske starogradske jezgre, gdje su domaćini pripremili drugo izdanje bogatog adventskog programa pod nazivom „Čarolija na brdu - Advent u Motovunu“!

Javni poziv - Advent u Motovunu 2023

POZIV ZA ISKAZ INTERESA zainteresiranim poslovnim subjektima za sudjelovanje na manifestaciji „Čarolija na brdu - Advent u Motovunu 2023“ u razdoblju 16.12.-30.12.2023. godine

Festival terana i tartufa 20. i 21.10.2023.

12. Festival terana i tartufa donosi brojne izlagače, degustacije terana, tartufa i raznih proizvoda na bazi terana i tartufa. Motovunski festival terana i tartufa sinonim je za kvalitetne vinare i posebno dobre primjerke terana te mjesto susreta najboljih proizvođača proizvoda od tartufa i tvrtki koje se bave otkupom tartufa.

Motovun personally

The first mention of the town of Motovun called Montona (Celtic origin, meaning - Town in the hill) is found in the document of the Rižana Assembly manuscript from 804 (Placitum of Riziano), and after a century of German rule and the Patriarch of Aquileia Motovun in 1278 asked Venice to accept it under his rule and under which he remained until 1797.

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Cultural Sights

There are as many as 26 protected cultural monuments in the old town of Motovun, which is why this medieval town is on the UNESCO World Heritage tentative list. Visit Motovun and discover the richness of cultural and historical heritage that the medieval jewel of the interior of Istria is proud of!

Natural beauties

The Motovun area is abundant with natural beauties due to its biological diveristy, rich flora and fauna and good climate.


Motovun has become a major tourist attraction due to its recognizable medieval shape and great climate. Visitors enjoy walking through the medieval streets, taking in views from the city walls and exploring the countryside through various bike and walking trails. The natural beauty of the place leaves no one indifferent and it is a perfect place for those who love nature and adventures.

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