Free guided tour "Experience Motovun"

[ EN ] Motovun Tourist Board invites you on Sunday, September 19, 2021 at 5 pm to a free guided tour through the old town of Motovun called "Experience Motovun".
Take a walk through Motovun accompanied by the Venetian podestà Marco, who will tell you the story of the history of Motovun from the time of the Venetian Republic (Serenissima), which ruled Motovun for 519 years, but also from before and after their rule.
Motovun is a picturesque medieval jewel of extremely rich history with the best preserved fortification system in Istria, and the greatest influence on the development and today's look of Motovun had the Venetian Republic, which ruled Motovun from 1278 to 1797.
The Venetian podestà Marco is embodied by the experienced tourist guide Dean Prodan. The tour of Motovun is organized in Croatian and English.
The gathering place is near the upper cemetery in Motovun, at the very entrance to the old town, near the movable pillar. Prior notice is not required.
The expected end of the interpretation walk is planned for around 6.15 pm, so you have enough time to enjoy the sunset from the Motovun walls and enjoy the top quality food and Motovun wines on the terraces of our restaurants.
We are looking forward to your arrival!

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