The City Printing House Antico

THE CITY PRINTING HOUSE ANTICO, named after ANDREA ANTICO DE MONTONA, offers the creation of unique Motovun souvenirs using traditional hand-printing technique on a replica of the medieval Gutenberg printing press, with the possibility to choose motifs and personal messages to keep forever your memories of a day spent in Motovun. The motifs of graphics and illustrations range from idyllic representations of Motovun to fairy tales and legends of the Istrian region. The paper used to print this unique souvenir is hand-made, where each leaf contains part of the Motovun forest thanks to fallen leaves and fruits collected and processed in the Workshop of Master Janez.

ANDREA ANTICO DE MONTANA - Andrija Motovunjanin, was a musician born in Motovun between 1470 and 1480, known as a publisher, printer, anthologist, intabulator and composer. He signed two of his compositions in 1510 as Andrea Antico de Montana and in 1517 as Andrea Anticho de Monton and he signed the privileges of Pope Leo X (1513, 1516, 1517) as "Chierico da Parenzo". Either on his own or a co-publishing, he printed and participated in the printing of about thirty music books. He also introduced several innovations in music printing, such as moving notes and woodcuts, which he carved and printed most often himself. He enjoyed a good reputation among his colleagues because, as a printer and experienced musician, he was able to incorporate an attractive music repertoire into his printing material. It is important to note that some of the works of famous European composers of this period are only preserved in his editions, such as the Book of Fifteen Masses - Liber quindecim missarum 1516, and with his own frottoles for four voices, of which he composed 17, he is the first to be confirmed Croatian composer of the 16th century.