For those looking for organic fruits and vegetables, the Motovun area is a gold mine. It holds more than 70% of the Istrian fruit production. Local farmers and producers kindly welcome every visitor to taste their fresh products made according to the traditional recipe. Visitors can taste and buy fruits like apples, plums, pears, peaches, apricots, olives, figs and cherries.


OPG "Vivoda" - Voće i povrće

Gradiziol 7, MOTOVUN

T. +385 (0)91 468 2531

Laze 70A, KALDIR

T. +385 (0)91 522 1235

Web: OPG Dantinjana

OPG "Benčić" - Voće

Gradiziol 49, MOTOVUN

T. +385 (0)91 570 5797