Olive oil

Olive oil is produced by pressing olives and squeezing oil from the fruit. This process is called cold press and in this way gets the healthiest oil because of the simplicity of processing which allows the oil to retain all of its value. There are several categories of olive oil and the best categori is extra virgin olive oil. This liquid gold is extremely nutritionally valuable because it is rich in chlorophyll, natural antioxidants and essential vitamins A, D, K and E. Its values ​​help to fight cancer, diabetes, stomach ulcers, and has a beneficial effect on the growth of children, bones, joints, skin , liver, intestine and slows aging. It is important to know that olive oil has beneficial effects on blood vessels and heart because it lowers bad cholesterol. His well-being shows also in cosmetics. Hair, skin, nails enjoy with olive oil. It can be simply  applied on the skin like any body oil. In combination with sugar becomes a perfect mixture for peeling. Give yourself health and enjoy.


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